Expert Haze / FEM 10er / Expert Seeds
Super Silver Haze x Laos

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Expert Haze is a cross between our best Haze with Laotian genetics to create a proper Sativa but with a relatively short flowering cycle, making it ideal for indoors or outdoors, even in northern European climes. A medium-sized, well- branched plant that is very flexible, making it ideal for SOG or SCROG systems. Produces a large central bud surrounded by smaller satellite buds in long Sativa tails that are hard, compact and full of resin glands. An incense and hardwood taste with fruity notes. A euphoric and very psychoactive effect.

Fragen & Antworten

Blütezeit: 65 - 70 Tage
Blütetyp: photoperiodisch
THC Gehalt: 21%
Anbauart: Gewächshaus, Indoor, Outdoor
Varietät: Mostly Sativa
Geschlecht: feminisiert
Hersteller: Expert Seeds
Ertrag: Hoch
Packungsgröße: 10 Samen
Versandgewicht: 0,10 Kg
Artikelnummer: EXP-EXPHA-Fem-10

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