TNT Kush CBD / FEM 9er / Eva Seeds
TNT Kush x CBD Crew male

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An ideal strain, both for therapeutic users who seek a high CBD content and for recreational users who enjoy working ?under the influence?, but active at the same time.Sturdy plant with abundant branches and compact, resiny buds. Large buds and a few leads.Very medicinal as a result of its high CBD content.Fruity with hints of wood and spices.

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Blütezeit: 55-60 Tage
Blütetyp: photoperiodisch
Anbauart: Indoor, Outdoor
Geschlecht: feminisiert
Hersteller: Eva Seeds
Ertrag: Mittel,Hoch
Packungsgröße: 9 Samen
Wuchshöhe: Indoor: 80cm ? 100 cm & Outdoor: approx 2Metereter Indoor: 80cm ? 100 cm & Outdoor: approx 2 Meter
Versandgewicht: 0,10 Kg
Artikelnummer: EVA-TNTCBD-FEM-9