Sweet Special FAST Version / FEM 3er / Sweet Seeds

Artikelnummer: SS-SSA-FAST-Fem-3

(Hog x Grapefruit) x Sweet Special Auto

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This strain is an F1 hybrid resulting from the cross between a stabilized hybrid of Hog x Grapefruit and a selected strain of 3rd generation auto-flowering. This version of Sweet Special preserves the characteristic and desired sweet aroma, reminiscent of candies or fruit jellies, a train inherited from its ancestors Hog and Grapefruit. Just like Sweet Seeds other F1 Fast Versions this strain is distinguished by its great hybrid vigour and fast flowering, producing big buds covered with aromatic resin in just a few weeks.

Packungsgröße: 3 Samen
Blütetyp: photoperiodisch
Varietät: Indica / Sativa
Anbauart: Indoor, Outdoor
Blütezeit: 7 Wochen
Ertrag: Mittel
Hersteller: Sweet Seeds
Wuchshöhe: Mittel