Sage n Sour / FEM 5er / T.H. Seeds
S.A.G.E x Sour Diesel

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Sage n' Sour Feminized Marijuana Seeds by T.H.Seeds one of the oldest seed companies in Holland, established in 1993 THSeeds has established itself as a premier cannabis seeds supplier. Using only the finest marijuana genetics THSeeds Seedbank has won numerous High Times Cannabis Cups across all categories. This is testament to the superior weed or pot seeds you will get from THSeeds of Amsterdam.Winner of the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup, Sativa Bio category 3rd prize.We wouldn't cross any plant with our favourite : the S.A.G.E, but then again, the Sour Diesel is no ordinary plant. With it's well balanced flavour and infamous strength and smell the S.A.G.E has finally met it's match. Now you can reap the benefits of this must have combo!

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Blütezeit: 9 Wochen
Anbauart: Gewächshaus, Indoor, Outdoor
Varietät: Mostly Sativa
Geschlecht: feminisiert
Hersteller: T.H. Seeds
Blütetyp: photoperiodisch
Packungsgröße: 5 Samen
Versandgewicht: 0,10 Kg
WorkaroundLager: 2
Artikelnummer: THS-S031-5

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