Original Limonade Skunk / FEM 10er / Victory Seeds
Skunk Cross

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Original Limonade Skunk plants are very symmetrical and have a good but not extreme coating of resin. The effect is a balance between the speedy sativa one and the couch lock of an indica, a true all-day remedy and of course the aroma is that of over ripe lemons. Original Limonade Skunk does not like having its roots restricted or becoming dry, it?s slightly sensitive to over feeding and spider mites will choose this strain over almost any other.

Hersteller: Victory Seeds
Packungsgröße: 10 Samen
Blütetyp: photoperiodisch
Wuchshöhe: Mittel
Geschlecht: feminisiert
Blütezeit: 7-8 Wochen
THC Gehalt: 19%
CBD Gehalt: Mittel (1 - 5%)
Varietät: Indica / Sativa
Anbauart: Indoor, Outdoor
Ertrag: Hoch
Versandgewicht: 0,10 Kg
Artikelnummer: VICS-OLMNSK-Fem-10