Melon Gum / FEM 2er / Dr Underground
Lavender (Soma seeds) x Bubblegum (Serious Seeds)
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A delicious in extra large size. This plant was originally a dream, looking to retain the awesome flavor of the Lavender (Soma seeds) with touches of melon and strawberry gum thanks to Dr Underground selected Bubblegum (Serious Seeds). Dr Underground have kept the color, ranging from blue, red and black with the monster weight of Melon Gum only in 50 – 57 days of flowering time.The buds of these super girls do not forget easily. Melon Gum produces some killer highs. Undoubtedly, if you search for a plant with colors, beautiful, full of resin, hard buds like stones, amazing taste and extra large yield, this is your plant.The odor is very strong so recommended to use a filter. In outdoor crops she will be a queen of your garden, the colors and the contrast between white resin and purple buds make your garden a better place. Indoors flowering time: 7 to 8 weeks Outdoors flowering time: late September, early OctoberIndoors yield: 600-800 gr Outdoors yield: up to 1 kg per plant

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Blütezeit: 7-8 Wochen
Packungsgröße: 2 Samen
Blütetyp: photoperiodisch
THC Gehalt: hoch
Geschlecht: feminisiert
Anbauart: Indoor, Outdoor
Hersteller: Dr Underground
Ertrag: Hoch
Wuchshöhe: Mittel - Hoch
Versandgewicht: 0,10 Kg
WorkaroundLager: 2
Artikelnummer: DRUND-SDUF020001

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