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Pure Himalayan Charas Plant

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This is the strongest charas plant RSC has found yet in Kumaon, and probably the best too, with intense lemony, fruity aromas.Highly recommended to collectors seeking a rare and totally authentic. This strain can withstand the intense rain and humidity of the Himalayan monsoon, as well as the bitter cold of autumn nights at up to 3500m, so is well suited to adapting to outdoor use in northern climates.

Hersteller: The Real Seed Company
Packungsgröße: 12 Samen
Blütetyp: photoperiodisch
Wuchshöhe: 3 - 4 Meter 3 - 4Meteretres
Geschlecht: regulär
Anbauart: Outdoor
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Artikelnummer: RSCKUM-12