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Early Skunk / AUTOFEM 3er / Sensi Seeds

Early Skunk (Skunk #1 x Early Pearl) x Ruderalis mehr lesen

Blütezeit: 40-50 Tage
Blütetyp: automatisch
Varietät: Mostly Indica
Geschlecht: feminisiert
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Early Skunk (Skunk #1 x Early Pearl) x Ruderalis

Sensi Seeds' first Early Skunk was a revolution for outdoor growing, especially here in the northern latitudes. A grow-anywhere powerhouse, she was bred to flourish in short summers, to resist pests and fungus and to deliver knockout harvests! Early Skunk Automatic cannabis seeds bring the extra advantages of autoflowering, feminized traits to this outdoor strain.Early Skunk Automatic cannabis seeds are their latest refinement to this outstanding strain. These outdoor cannabis seeds produce plants whose autoflowering ability allows them to finish even earlier than their parent strain, and to bloom well in locations with erratic light cycles.The first Skunk varieties were released before indoor growing was widespread. Outdoor growers in continental climates often found it difficult to get the best out of these new, high potency indica-sativa strains. Skunk buds, being particularly dense, were prone to fungus at the end of summer. In theory, those first, non acclimatised Skunk hybrids were quick enough to finish flowering outdoors in the north. However, just as buds were reaching their fattest, ripest point, they could easily be ruined by the cool, wet weather of early autumn. To avoid this frustration, growers in northern summers often had little choice but to harvest their most exotic plants before they had reached their full budded potential.Sensi Seeds solved this problem by breeding Skunk #1 with their ever-reliable Early Pearl to create Early Skunk. In fact, the problem was solved in two different ways, since regular Early Skunk finishes flowering a good two weeks earlier than Skunk #1 outdoors, and is also resistant to mould and fungus.Plants grown from seed will begin flowering after a certain period of vegetative growth, rather than being triggered to flower by a short or declining photoperiod (light hours per day). For Early Skunk Automatic, this is usually around the time plants produce their 6th to 9th pair of full-sized leaves - which typically takes 6 to 8 weeks in decent growing conditions. Buds are generally at their ripest 7 to 9 weeks after flowering begins.Because vegetation time is set at around two months, growers can decide when to germinate their Early Skunk Automatic cannabis seeds so that the flowering period occurs during the sunniest months, instead of in late summer and autumn. This is especially useful in short summers, where the weather can turn bad well before the autumnal equinox. Early Skunk Automatic is an indica dominant strain with a sativa component that she inherits from both sides of her ancestry. Early Pearl is a mostly sativa outdoor strain, while Skunk #1, famously, has an indica dominated growth pattern and a strong sativa element in its effect.At harvest time, nearly all of this strain’s weight is in the large, solid buds massed around the upper nodes and bracts of each plant. The buds at the top of branches and the main stem will run together to form wide, rounded colas, while lower buds usually form solid individual clumps, giving Early Skunk Automatic a top-heavy appearance.Her maturing buds have a definite Skunk element to their scent - musky, sweet and pungent. Skunk strains of all types usually need their characteristic flowering odour to be controlled when growing indoors. Outdoors, this is much less of a concern, naturally.Up close, Early Skunk Automatic can exude a heady aroma when her copious resin glands are slightly disturbed, such as when growers are examining her ripening buds. At a greater distance, this seed strain should produce no more odour than any other cannabis variety growing outdoors.She has a sweet Skunk aroma with sharp, spicy undertones from this variety’s extra sativa component. Early Skunk Automatic has the warm, powerful, body-centred effect common to the Skunk family, which is improved by the smooth, buoyant high from her reinforced sativa lineage. She will satisfy experienced cannabis connoisseurs without being too overpowering for medicinal users.If you’re looking for an easy, fast, feminized seed strain which will produce high potency buds in almost any environment and circumstance, look no further than Early Skunk Automatic seeds! With no need to worry about male plants or inducing flowering, this is a great strain for beginners. From a garden to a balcony, from a sunny, south-facing window to a far northern summer where the ‘midnight sun’ causes very unusual photoperiods - Early Skunk Automatic is the ideal choice!


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