Durga Mata I:I CBD / FEM 5er / Paradise Seeds
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Durga Mata II CBD is derived from the original Durga Mata; an Indica strain with highly resinous, dense and compact buds. What used to be a THC rich variety has become a predominantly medicinal plant with lower THC and much higher Cannabidiol (CBD) content. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive, so users will not experience the 'effect' as intensely, however CBD is the active cannabinoid that provides marijuana's many medicinal benefits. Durga Mata II CBD has a CBD content of 8.5 % and THC of 7%. These cannabinoids give Durga Mata II it's many healing properties; research has proven it has anti-convulsion, anti-inflammatory, anti–nausea and anxiety reducing effects, it is also very effective for the relief of many types of pain.Durga Mata II CBD is a reliable plant with a sturdy flower clustered main stem at the end of the flowering period. Oozing with resin, the rock hard buds have a complex perfume - a sweet odour reminiscent of exotic fruits. Plants are finished within 56 to 58 days and give an impressive yield. The final height of plants after flowering and one week of vegetative growth averages at around 50 cm with over 25 grams per plant of dried buds.Enjoy the fruits of Paradise Seeds.

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Blütezeit: 7 - 8 Wochen
Packungsgröße: 5 Samen
Blütetyp: photoperiodisch
THC Gehalt: 7%
CBD Gehalt: hoch (5% +)
Varietät: Indica
Geschlecht: feminisiert
Anbauart: Indoor, Outdoor
Hersteller: Paradise Seeds
Ertrag: Hoch
Versandgewicht: 0,10 Kg
WorkaroundLager: 2
Artikelnummer: PARA-1059-5

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