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GuerrillaTabs + Guerrilla Juice

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The Guerrilla Box will get the most out of your plants, organically of course. The Guerrilla tabs and Juice combined will harness the richness of the soil provided by Nature itself. The Guerrilla Box is used for indoor and outdoor growing.

The Guerrilla Box is developed to use for 5 big plants, both for indoor and outdoor use.

GuerrillaTabs are slow-release organic fertilizer tablets that improve the microbiological activity in the soil, creating the optimal conditions for growing big and healthy plants.

Organic slow release fertiliser tabs 10 grams 10-8-8
Use 4 tabs per 10-litre container.
In-ground plants: use 4 tabs per plant.
Push the tabs 5 cm deep below soil level.
Guerrilla Juice (500 ml)
Juice is a liquid organic fertilizer that stimulates a healthy soil and optimal growing conditions. So, you'll be getting healthy plants with beautiful fruits and/or flowers.

Organic Guerrilla Juice 3-2-6.
Dilute 3 ml Guerrilla Juice in 1 litre of water.
Water the plants with this solution from week 4 once a week.
Two weeks for harvesting, only use water
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Rohstoffe: organisch
Hersteller: Biotabs
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System: Erde Coco
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